Ride the Waves of Change

Developing Managerial Competencies for a Turbulent World

This book is based on the findings of an action-learning project where senior executives explored the implications of key environmental trends for the future of their organizations.

Core competencies discussed include:

  • Reading the Environment
  • Managing Proactively
  • Sharing the Vision
  • Empowering Human Resources
  • Promoting Creativity, Learning and Innovation
  • Developing Skills in Remote Management
  • Harnessing the Creative Power of Information Technologies
  • Managing Complexity and Ambiguity
  • Reframing Contexts

The research was conducted in the 1980s and the book is written largely through the words of the senior executives involved in the research study. Amazingly, the messages have become more and more relevant for dealing with the environmental turbulence faced in today’s world.