Publication of Exploring Morgan’s Metaphors


A collection of essays edited by A. Ortenblaad, K. Trehan and L. Putnam with a Foreword from Gareth

In the words of the Editors and Publisher:

Gareth Morgan’s monumental book, Images of Organization, revolutionized the field of organization theory. In honor of Morgan’s classic text, this edited volume, Exploring Morgan’s Metaphors: Theory, Research, and Practice in Organizational Studies, illustrates how Morgan’s eight metaphors inform research, practice, and organizational intervention in a variety of contexts. Including contributions from well-known experts in their fields, specifically, Joep Cornelissen, Cliff Oswick, David Grant, Hari Tsoukas, and Gareth Morgan, this new text offers fresh perspectives and sets forth new metaphors for conceptualizing organizations in today’s workforce. Readers will gain insights and guidelines into the different ways that Morgan’s metaphors and metaphorical thinking can be used to better understand organizational life, as well as how to study and develop organizations.

Edited by A. Ortenlaad, K. Trehan and L. Putnam (Sage Publications 2016).