We are living in the midst of a revolution in organization and management where the mechanistic principles that dominated the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are being replaced by those of a digital universe. Imaginization invites us to understand the basis of the new thinking needed to cope with this new world and re-image our roles as leaders and managers in the most fundamental sense.

Written with practicing leaders and managers in mind - and for organization and management theorists and teachers interested in the competencies for success in a self-organizing world - it shows how the concept of imagin-ization (as opposed to organ-ization) is of crucial importance for understanding how we enact the nature of organizational life. Offering numerous examples and case studies the book explores imaginization as a way of thinking; as a way of organizing; as a way of helping people understand and develop their creative potential; and as the basis of creative problem solving. Its aim, in short, is to help people empower themselves and find new roles in a world characterized by flux and change.